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              Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) Used for Tile adhesives

              Hello, come to consult our products !

              Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) Used for Tile adhesives

              Tile adhesives?is used to attach tiles on concrete or block walls. It comprises cement, sand, limestone, our?HPMC and various additives, ready to be mixed with water before use.
              HPMC plays an important role in improving water retention, workability, and sag resistance. Especially, Headcel HPMC helps to increase adhesion strength and open time.
              Ceramic tile serves as a kind of functional adornment material that is widely used at present, it has different shape and size, unit weight and density also have difference, and how to stick this kind of durable material is the problem that people pays attention to all the time. The appearance of ceramic tile binder to a certain extent to ensure the reliability of the bonding project, the appropriate cellulose ether can ensure the smooth construction of different types of ceramic tile on different bases.
              We have wide range products can be used for a variety tile adhesive application to make sure the strength development to achieve excellent bond strength.

              Product Detail

              Product Tags

              Tile adhesives application advanatges and improve function

              Better Workability
              The shear-thinning and air-entraining properties of HPMC?give modified tile adhesives a better workability, as well as higher work efficiency, from yield/coverage and faster tiling sequence stand points.

              Improves Water Retention
              We can?improve water retention in tile adhesives. This helps increase final adhesion strength as well as prolong open time. Prolonged open time also leads to faster tiling rate as it allows the worker to trowel a larger area before setting the tiles down, as opposed to troweling the adhesive onto each tile before setting the tile down.

              Tile adhesives (1)

              Provides Slip/Sag Resistance
              Modified HPMC?also provides slip/sag resistance, so that heavier or non-porous tiles do not slip down the vertical surface.

              Increases Adhesion Strengths
              As mentioned before, it?allows the hydration reaction to complete farther, thus allowing higher final adhesion strength to develop

              Tile adhesives (5)
              Tile adhesives (4)
              Tile adhesives (2)

              Easy mixing

              Strong Anti-sagging

              Long working time

              High Water Retention

              Cost effective

              Note:Products can be customized according to customer needs.

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