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              The applications of HPMC in construction

              We take integrity and win-win as operation principle, and treat every business with strict control and care.

              1) Improve uniformity, make mortar easy to work, improve anti-sagging, increase fluidity and pumpability, and improve work efficiency.
              2) High water retention, prolong mortar pouring time, improve work efficiency, facilitate hydration of mortar, and produce high mechanical strength degree.
              3) Control the introduction of air to eliminate cracks on the coating surface and form an ideal smooth surface.

              2. Gypsum-based mortar and gypsum products
              1) Improving uniformity, making mortar easy to work, improving sagging resistance, increasing fluidity and pumpability, and improving work efficiency.
              2) High water retention, prolong mortar placement time, improve work efficiency, facilitate hydration of mortar, and produce high mechanical strength.
              3) Control the consistency of mortar and form an ideal surface coating.
              3. Masonry mortar
              1) Enhance the adhesion with masonry surface, enhance water retention and increase the strength of mortar.
              2) Improve lubricity and plasticity, improve processability; use cellulose ether to improve mortar, easier to work, save construction time and reduce construction cost.
              3) Ultra-high water content cellulose ether, suitable for high water absorption brick.

              4. Board joint filler
              1)Excellent water retention, prolonging the opening time and improving work efficiency. High lubricant, easier to mix.
              2)Improve shrinkage resistance and crack resistance, and improve the surface quality of the coating.
              3) Improved adhesion of bonded surfaces to provide smooth, sleek texture.

              5.Tile adhesives
              1)Easily dry mixed components without bulking, increasing application speed, improving construction performance, saving man-hours and reducing job costs.
              2)Improves tiling efficiency by providing longer open time and providing excellent adhesion.
              6.Self-leveling flooring material
              1)Provides viscosity and can be used as an anti-settling agent.
              3)Improves fluid pumping ability and improves the efficiency of laying floors.
              3) Control water retention and shrinkage to reduce cracking and shrinkage of the floor.

              7.Water-based coatings
              1)Prevent solids from settling and extend the shelf life of the product. High biological stability and excellent compatibility with other components.
              2)Improves fluidity, provides good anti-spattering, anti-sagging and leveling properties, and ensures excellent surface finish.

              Post time: Jun-18-2022